Be Beautiful By the Tips of Your Fingers

Nail care begins with a good manicure. Carry out a soapy water bath in which you will leave your hands soaked in order to soften the cuticles and flesh around the nails, in order to be able to push them back more easily afterwards with a flesh re-growth. Special cuticle emollient water can make your job even easier. Once this work is done, polish your nails very lightly with a pumice block or a soft file of the finest grain in order to remove its shine and allow the care you are going to apply to penetrate more easily. Now choose the care you are going to apply according to the needs of your nails: soft, brittle, yellowed, weakened, bitten nails (bitter varnish). Remember to apply two coats of care varnish on cleansed nails. Once the varnish is applied, remember to moisturize and nourish your cuticles with oil that you can get with Faces Beauty Promo Code. This will make them easier to push during the next manicure.

Hydrate Regularly

The fingernails at the ends of the hands are over-used by daily activities which is far more than the skin of the rest of the body. A standard body lotion is not sufficient to hydrate them and you will need to add in a specific cream, including a good amount of fat that can be applied at least once a day by massaging a few minutes in circular movements to facilitate penetration along with reactivating circulation. This cream is best suited in evening, to give the nails all the time and rest necessary to soak up the active ingredients of moisturizer that you bought with Faces Beauty Promo Code.

Do Not Cut, File

If you want to take good care of your nails, prefer filer over the nail clipper which breaks and crumbles the material. It is important that you select the right file which can be of glass or cardboard. Avoid metal filers which damage the keratin and split the nail. The right way of doing is to move back and forth from the edge of the right nail to the center and then to the left side. A good tip is to always file in the same direction to close the scales. File your nails regularly, once a week minimum, to make them stronger and more resistant. For a nice straight line, fold your fingers towards you, half-tighten your fist and then file in the right direction.

Make a Vaseline Mask

Vaseline, a formidable moisturizer, is applied in circular motions wither in the evening or before going to bed. When the moisturizer applied all night, its effect is simply “wow” in the morning when you wake up with soft hands and supple nails. Buy a Vaseline mask for your nails with Faces Beauty Promo Code.

Like hair, nails are mostly made of keratin and can be doped with a targeted diet. Integrate rich foods that favor nail growth. These foods include:

  • Iron: red meat, egg yolk, black pudding, oysters, lentils, tofu or spinach
  • Zinc: oysters, calf’s liver, fish, chicken, beef.
  • Vitamin B: dried vegetables and fruits, cereals, almonds, nuts, shellfish, fish