Best Landed Interior Design Ideas and Tips in Singapore 2024

Although most people in Singapore live in HDB apartments and condominiums, many also own landed homes. These landed homes are often rather spacious. If the interior design is not done properly, the home may occasionally feel cold and empty.

No matter what kind of landed interior design you want for your house, the big picture and the little details matter just as much, particularly when achieving a beautiful balance between structure and form. Here are some tips for giving your home a stylish makeover.

Give it your personal touch

Since you spend most of your time in your home, it should reflect who you are. When renovating your home, it is crucial to incorporate your passions into the design to make it feel uniquely yours.

You may make a subtle impression by updating a plain wall with gigantic wall art. Try large-scale photos or anything artistic that goes well with your decor. A monochromatic colour scheme of bright and dark tones, as seen in this incredibly sleek and contemporary kitchen decor, contrasts any design.

Connect the Spaces

Landed houses have a lot of rooms; thus, interior design is crucial to connecting the areas so that the pieces flow naturally and harmoniously. Consider using unique tiles or parquet flooring to connect areas with a similar floor pattern. While utilising various flooring designs can cause your rooms to appear disjointed from one another, having the same flooring design throughout your house will give it a tidy, cohesive, and continuous appearance.

Bring the greenery inside your house

Adding greenery, such as authentic bonsai trees or faux potted plants, is one of the best ideas for making a large, spacious house feel cosy and comfortable. Plants are claimed to elevate mood, increase focus and productivity, and even provide comfort and relaxation.

Adding plants to your home may infuse it with life, improve your mood, and inspire optimism, encouraging your family to be more energetic and dynamic. They are also a great way to bring colour, visual intrigue, and some life to empty spaces.

Placement of furniture to divide spaces strategically

Give open-plan spaces a sense of division by letting the furnishings create distinct zones. This portion of the property has a dining room and a living room. A rustic area rug divides the living room area, and a strategically positioned L-shaped sectional couch functions as a “wall” to identify different sides of the space. Consequently, a well-thought-out seating arrangement makes it possible for guests and occupants of the home to move freely from one “zone” to another during festivities and family gatherings.

Cosy and comfortable materials

There are many different types of interior design worldwide, but the cosiest-looking ones frequently incorporate raw or natural materials. A few textures and matte surfaces can make a big difference in the ambience of a huge house.

When furnishing your home, try to use less metal, glass, and glossy materials and more wood, cloth, and rattan. Adding a soft throw to your fabric sofa, incorporating rattan into your lamp fixtures, and placing a fluffy rug are a few ideas to make your space seem cosy.

Colour schemes with warm tones

Toned-down colours like grey may occasionally remove feelings of sadness and dullness. Cool colours like green, blue, and purple also elicit these emotions. Conversely, warm colours frequently elicit feelings, from warmth and comfort to rage. When employed appropriately, these colours provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere in vast areas. The landed house design can also feel cosy and intimate with the right mix of warm and cool colours. Warm colours can be used as the foundation colour for most walls, and cool colours can be added with accent pieces, feature walls, or decorative ornaments.

Think about shades of pink, pastel yellow, brown, and cream. While pale yellow generates happiness and is frequently connected with laughter, cream colours produce a soft and serene ambience, brown creates a sense of stability and is warm and inviting, and pink settles you down and is associated with sentiments of love and kindness.

Extensive Furniture

When it comes to designs for landed houses, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Utilise every inch of the available space, and think about adding large furniture items to furnish your house. Little furniture will make your house appear chilly and empty because it takes up significantly less floor area. Giant modular sofas, accent chairs, a distinctive coffee table, and a feature wall with a giant TV will instantly make your living room look more put together and cosy, as if it were ready for the family to return for movie night.

It is not hard to make a house appear cosy and welcoming, and the same is true for the interior design of landed homes. Why not call a professional interior designer for their advice and knowledge in the field and allow them to design the home of your dreams instead of wasting days worrying over how to change large spaces?

Final Thoughts

As with landed house interiors, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere is not hard. Get the guidance and expertise ofSpace Factorinterior design company in Singapore and allow us to build the home of your dreams instead of squandering hours worrying over how to alter significant portions of your space. View more landed house design ideas in Singapore at today.