Check Popular Pet Products Limited to Wet Nose Boutique!

Who isn’t thinking about caring more for pets? We simply consider loving them more with each and every single chance we’ve. Whether it is their look or health, you want our pets to feel and look healthy. At Wet Nose Boutique you simply identify the items that should keep the pet healthy and search attractive. Our product range might make your dog feel loved.

Let’s search for a few in the popular items that Wet Nose Buotique sells:

  1. SleepyPod Dog Safety Harness

The SleepyPod safety harness is created through getting a cutting-edge design. The harness includes a unique infinity loop design realistically work while using the special energy absorbing padded vest. This vest could be helpful for reduction and absorption of impacts in situation in the accident.

The SleepyPod Dog Safety Harness is going to be three sizes, small (16.5-22 inches), medium (22.5-28 inches), large (28.5-34 inches), and additional-large (34.5-40 inches) in space.

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The choices within the Sleepypod Dog Safety harness are mentioned below:

The harness includes a three-point design you need to use within the rear passenger seat. This safeguards the dog’s entire torso.

The vest used is broad and absorbs energy correctly.

Connects and releases rapidly.

The harness is strength-tested and consists of automotive grade materials.

The harness also features reflective tapes for visibility in night.

The harness consists of luggage-grade, ballistic nylon.

This is often harness as being a walking harness too.

Available in four sizes meaning, the harness may be used almost about any dog type.

  1. Puppia Soft Dog Harness

The Puppia Soft Dog harness is a perfect harness if you wish to make your pet round the vehicle ride, a stroll, or maybe a trek.

The harness is going to be three different colors of red, royal blue, black, and orange.

The choices within the Puppia Soft Dog harness are mentioned below:

The harness is going to be four sizes of small, medium, large and additional-large.

The harness is waterproof featuring reflective tapes which can be visible during evening.

Stomach and collar openings are adjustable.

  1. Cat Cave Beds

One of many pet items that people provide, cat cave beds would be the people’s favorite. The collections of cat cave beds we have are entirely created from made from made of woll. We make use of the highest quality of Merino made from made of woll within our cat cave beds making your cat feel happy, healthy and confortable.

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Our cat caves beds are extremely simple to clean. In case you consider offering more room for that cat, simply cut a bigger hole.

Listed here are the various cat cave bed designs that folks offer:

Eco-friendly Floral.

Lime Eco-friendly/Pink Flowers.



Cream Floral.

Eco-friendly or Orange Leaf.