Disposing of Air Conditioners: Why You Should Be Mindful

Humans do an array of things to irk the environmental balance, like disposing of their air conditioners in a corner. So, properly disposing of your HVAC unit in Orange County is your responsibility. And in case you’re unaware of the process, there are several agencies for air conditioning recycling in Orange County that you can consult or hire.

ACs contain refrigerant, which, if taken not taken care of before disposing of your unit, can leak into the atmosphere and deplete the ozone layer. Besides, it’s illegal to abandon your AC unit in a landfill with other trash in the US.

So, keep reading this article to learn how to dispose of your AC unit properly.

Why Should You Dispose of Your AC System Responsibly?

According to a survey by EPA, the US throws out about 6 million windows ACs every year, speeding the rate of carbon emissions. A single AC unit refrigerant can drive the greenhouse effect like a 3,000 miles car trip, equivalent to the distance between Seattle and Miami. And apart from the greenhouse effect, an AC boasts at least 65 pounds of copper, plastic, aluminum, steel, and other harmful materials. Furthermore, if you’re caught abandoning your AC in a landfill or a trash corner, you can run a federal charge of over $ 37,500 for a day. This is also why garbage collectors do not pick up your ACs even if you leave them curbside.

For these reasons, you should responsibly dispose of your air conditioner once it has run out of its lifespan.

How to Dispose of Your ACs Lawfully in Orange County

Recycling your ACs is not a nuisance. Instead, you might be surprised that the process is simple and easy. So, below is a brief on a few options you can try as per their availability and convenience.

Responsible Appliance Disposal Program (RAD)

The Environmental Protection Agency runs the RAD program in partnership with various companies and groups. Under this program, your AC unit will be sent to a facility operated by a group of skilled technicians who will responsibly recycle the system for you.

Air Conditioner Bounty Program

Under the air conditioner bounty program, you give your AC unit to the company in lieu of a discount, stipend, or rebate. These credits can be redeemed on your next utility purchase from the brand. However, you will have to contact your AC’s brand/company to know if they run a bounty program or not.

Local Disposal Agencies

Municipalities sometimes run pick-up programs for AC units that have been abandoned on the curbside. These ACs are then repaired and exported to secondary markets for sale. So, you can explore the official page of your local municipality authority or contact their office to gather information on these programs.

There are several facilities that offerair conditioning recycling in Orange County. But, if you cannot find a local disposal program, private agencies also do good recycling work at cheap rates.


You can always choose to donate your AC unit if it’s still working well. Orphanages and shelters often lack a cooling system because of a lack of funds. As such, offering your AC to these local organizations will help sigh a sense of relief during melting summers.

Disposing your AC alongside your garbage is neither a good idea nor legally allowed. Although many consider that recycling your AC unit is a headache, it’s not, and honestly, it’s very simple. All you need to do is check for the above-mentioned program in your locality. And if any such program is not available, there are private agencies that offer AC recycling services at affordable rates.

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