How Can Automated Reference Checking Save Your Organization?

Did you ever have to submerge yourself in the piles of resumes for hiring the best candidate?

Granted that recruitment is the bread and butter of any industry, but credibility is non-negotiable. No matter how good the interviews go, it would be best if you still verified the reliability of the interviewee through background checks. And nowadays, automation is taking the central seat for checks and verification.

So, if you have dabbled in recruitment, you must be in a fix whether you need a shift to the automated reference checking. And it’s high time you pull yourself out of the dilemma!

Is Reference Inspection Essential? 

Backgrounds checks seem like a redundant task, but they are mandatory if you want an efficient and credible human resource. In fact, big conglomerates like Uber emphasize the verification for every new employee.

  • The more technical a job requirement, the better it is to conduct the background verification.
  • The reference checking enables you to learn all about the employee from the fitness in company culture to skillset.
  • Before hiring, due diligence can save you from getting into a lawsuit for negligent hiring.
  • The criminal background and safety quotient comes to light to safeguard the future prospects of the company.
  • You can prevent your organization from getting a bad rep only through due diligence in recruitment.

How Automated Checking is Better Over Manual?

Reference checking has become a mandatory step in the hiring process for any industry. With the advent of technology, it is also imperative that you make the best use of automation for your benefit. But, will automated checking help your organization thrive?

Time Management

On average, a hiring manager takes 30 minutes to corroborate the references available with the candidates’ data. On top of it, you can take approx 3-4 days to complete the entire process. And with every new candidate, the time wastage compounds in the manual verification.

Automation helps you manage your time more productively and deliver more accurate results. Free of human error!


With manual reference hunting (for the lack of a better word), you can’t be sure of the person’s credibility at the other end. However, automated referencing comes with a set of pre-determined questions which need answers from the member your candidate deems fit. Besides, you can rest assured as the position and qualification of the raters will also be under scrutiny.


Imagine the number of hours the hiring manager has to put in for single recruitment. It not only slows the entire process but also hikes the overall onboarding price. At the same time, automation keeps your profits with you without letting any procedure leak it away.

What Should the Employer Keep an Eye On Before Hiring?

Screening the potential newest member can feel like a tedious task for every employee from a different background. But, you must not miss these essentials:

  • History of the Candidate
  • Credit Records
  • Criminal Background
  • Personal Information like previous organization
  • Available License(s)

Whether it’s the productivity drop or misappropriate behavior, a wrong hire can cost a company significantly. That’s why it’s essential for you to keep your hiring processes lag and error-free. As such, automated reference checking offers you the window to deliver a quick result without shelling out a huge sum. And now that you know all about it start the process before your eligible candidate moves away!

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