Tips for a long and healthy life

A growing number of studies show that making basic changes to one’s diet, exercise, and stress management are the key to long-term health. This is what doctors call “lifestyle medicine.” An increased risk of acquiring malignancies such as lung, colon, breast and cervical cancers is connected with an increased intake of vegetables in the diet.

Because of its many health advantages, sea moss, also known as Irish moss, is swiftly becoming the trendiest new super foods to incorporate in your diet. As an algae, sea moss is well-documented for its ability to aid in weight reduction while simultaneously building lean muscle mass, increasing energy and speeding up the metabolic rate. Most of the vitamins and minerals your body needs each day are in one serving of sea moss.

Why is Sea Moss Beneficial?

It’s good for your heart

Some experts believe seaweed is a super food. Because it has more fibre than most other vegetables, it is beneficial because it provides several health benefits for the body. Improves blood sugar management, reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease, and lowers cholesterol.

It’s possible that it’ll help you lose weight

Never forget how many fibres there are in seaweed. Satisfying meals rich in fibre may help you avoid overindulging. It’s possible that fibre helps us feel fuller for longer, which may help us lose weight.

A good supply of iodine may be found here

Because your body is unable to synthesise iodine, you must get it from your food. (However, dairy, shellfish, and iodized salt are the most common sources of iodine for most individuals.)

Digestive health is aided by its use

Both good and dangerous bacteria live in your digestive tract. Regulating these bacteria is critical to your well-being, and this relationship between gut health and overall health underscores the importance of this effort.

Your immune system may benefit from it

Those Atlantic salmon who ate sea moss had a greater immune response than those that did not. Because fish and humans have such vastly different physiologies, no research have yet shown that the same treatment has the same impact on people.

It may assist in muscle development and recovery after a workout

The amino acid taurine, found in high concentrations in sea moss, aids in muscle growth. This kind of healing may be aided by amino acids.

Additionally, sea moss has roughly 6 grammes of protein per 100 grammes, which is vital for training. For workout recuperation, don’t depend on sea moss alone! However, you must still take care of your physical and mental well-being by getting adequate rest, drink, and nutrition.

Simply combine Sea Moss into a gel in order to include it into your meals

This Sea Moss Smoothie Recipe is packed with nutrients.

Make the gel and then add the liquid to the smoothies. Mix 3 tablespoons of sea moss gel with your favourite fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, apples, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, as well as greens like kale, spinach, and sprouts. Besides being tasty, this recipe is also nutritious.

A Sea Moss Acai Bowl Rich in Nutrients

Blend acai berries and sea moss gel in a smoothie-like fashion for the foundation of your bowl. Add your favourite toppings such as kiwis, flaked coconut or seeds and almonds at this point.

Add it to your rice and beans for a little more flavour and crunch!

The combination of rice and beans is a simple and healthful meal. Rice and beans may be as simple as heating rice on the burner until it is cooked through. Thicken the rice by stirring in 2 to 3 tablespoons of sea moss gel after it has been drained. Then, stir in the cooked beans and eat.