Why is San Diego a Great City to Raise a Family

Life changes when we start families. What might have seemed like the perfect place to spend a couple of years could now feel like somewhere you’ve outgrown. As you know, a perfect place for nightlife might not cater to the needs your family has now. If that’s how you are feeling, it makes sense you are seeing where that perfect new place could be. 

There’s never going to be a place that’s absolutely wonderful as everywhere has both positive and negative aspects to it but with that in mind, it’s going to be hard to beat somewhere like San Diego. If you are curious as to what makes somewhere like this such a great place to have the little ones grow up, here’s a few of the best aspects about it. 

A Feeling Of Safety

No matter where within the city you’d be looking for San Diego apartments for rent, you’ll be at ease knowing your family will be safe. It’s an unfortunate truth that crime will still occur no matter where you live in the world, but you and your loved one can rest easily knowing the crime rate is around 10% lower than the average of California itself.

Crime rate is an important statistic when choosing somewhere to live. With a lower than average rate, you and your family will be able to comfortably explore your new city without stress and fear that something could happen to any of you or the house you are living in. 

Amazing Job Opportunities

While the exact amount of jobs within driving distance are going to vary by the exact industries you are interested in, you are bound to have a few dream companies seemingly in arm’s reach. Across a multitude of industries, such as booming tourism, technology, trade and manufacturing, jobs are plentiful here and there are no signs of things slowing down.

The unemployment rate sits at under 6% making it even lower than the state’s already impressive average. The high cost of living comes along with the well-paying job opportunities but given you are able to get that job you were hoping for, San Diego itself is well worth the price it comes in at to either rent or purchase a home here. 

Seemingly Perfect Schools

After knowing you and yours will be nice and safe, the next thing on your mind was going to be the ratings and perception of the public schools. There’s only good news to report there as the schools are as good as the city is safe. There’s an over 85% graduation rate thanks to low student to teacher ratios. 

Regardless of which public school your children would end up in, from Willowgrove to Creekside, know, without worry, that they’ll get all the attention they need to be bright and successful as they take their next steps in life. San Diego is also known for their ample options of summer camps so your children’s learning won’t have to stop just because the school year does.

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