Hot temperature makes us feel uncomfortable, makes our job hard to get along with, and causes so much discomfort to us and our loved ones. In situations of unbearable heat, you are thinking of what choice of cooling will you go for, that is most effective, durable, and cost-effective. A Portable Air Cooler is a good choice to make. At Portacool, there are air coolers that are of the appropriate size for your home. For example, the Portacool 510 is very portable and light in weight, it can be moved and located inconveniently in the corner of your home, office, or store. It has a 30litres reservoir and covers 1286 m³ per hour, it has a rubber tire for easy movement. There is the cyclone series which is also portable but slightly bigger than the 510 series. It is light in weight also. Cyclone series is perfect for outdoor patio, gym, and so on.

What is a Portable Air cooler? An air cooler is an evaporative cooling system. It is called evaporative because cooling happens as a result of the evaporation of water. An evaporative cooler is a water tank where water is stored for usage. The is sprayed onto a pad within the cooler, a fan blows air in the opposite direction of the water forcing the water out of the cooler. The moist air, a mixture of water and air goes into the atmosphere, the hot temperature causes the water to evaporate and in the same process, heat is reduced as evaporation takes place. The air that blows is from outside, therefore the air is always fresh.

Why you should choose a Portable Air Cooler for the best cooling effect. Generally, air coolers consume less power. They are power efficient as they require a small amount of electrical power to function. A portable one means you will be less worried about additional power consumption on your bill. The air is always fresh as it blows fresh air from outside over the water, and moist air gives you that cooling effect you desire. It can be used outdoor also. You can use it for the patio, take it for a picnic, use it on the field, and so on. It is also not expensive to get, you also get your desired cooling effect for your money. Its maintenance is easy and its cost is not expensive 

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