4 Tips for Finding the Best Kindergarten in Singapore

If you’re a new mother whose child is about to start schooling, looking for a kindergarten for your child may be intimidating. Many people don’t know where to begin looking, and they could crack under the pressure of knowing that the school they choose will build the foundation of their children’s education. Fortunately, these four tips will help you determine your child’s best kindergarten in Singapore.

  1. Look Near Your Area

The first thing to consider when looking for a kindergarten to enrol your child in is its distance. If you plan on letting your child walk to and from school alone, the kindergarten should be located in a safe area that’s within walking distance. For example, if you live in Punggol, you can start looking by searching ‘kindergarten in Punggol’ and listing the names of all the schools that appear in the search results. You can narrow down your choices from there.

  1. Ask For Referrals

One of the best ways to look for a preschool you know you can trust is by asking for referrals. For example, if you live in Jurong, you can ask nearby friends and family if they recommend a preschool in Jurong. However, you can also ask your child’s paediatrician for recommendations and look through the internet for reviews and testimonials.

  1. Observe the School Environment

Once you’ve narrowed your choices, ask each school if they offer a campus tour. If they do, pay attention to the school’s environment during the tour. You’ll be able to accurately guess the school’s quality by observation. Check its cleanliness, the children’s behaviour, and the teachers’ teaching methods, and determine if the environment is safe and nurturing for your child. The best kindergarten in Singapore should be clean and have patient, skilled teachers.

  1. Find Schools with Financial Support Options

If you’re from a lower-income household, you still have the opportunity to enrol your child in a high-quality school. Many preschools now offer financial support for lower-income families so all their students have equal opportunities. Look for a preschool with subsidy options, such as an infant care subsidy, and ask what financial support they can offer you.

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