How To Prepare For A Family Therapy Session In Singapore?  


Life is full of ups and downs. Some people may handle their troubles and relationships with others well, while other people cannot do the same thing. The good news is that mental health awareness has become an ongoing effort. There are now many family service centres in Singapore that help people who are suffering in silence.

If you have a strained relationship with your family, attending counselling with them in Singapore might help release the tensions between everyone. In that case, come prepared for your first session of family therapy. Below are some different ways you should prepare.

6 Ways To Prepare For A Family Therapy Session In Singapore

    1. Research Family Service Centres

Since family therapy is about sharing personal experiences, you better choose the right family service centre. Ensure that they have years of experience and expertise in handling family affairs.

To find the right family therapy facility in Singapore, do background checks, read customer reviews, and personally visit the physical location to assess the environment.

  1. Talk To Your Children About Why You Are Getting Therapy

After finding the family therapy facility, remember to talk with your children. Since you will be coming together with a family, you better explain to them why you are getting family counselling. Small talk can help your children prepare for the upcoming family therapy sessions.

  1. List The Discussion Topics Before Each Appointment

Another tip to help you prepare for family counselling in Singapore is to list the discussion topics you would like to share with your family and therapist. Doing so should help save time wondering what all of you will talk about during the session.

  1. Manage Your Expectations

Attending one session of family therapy is not enough to resolve restrained relationships. It would take several sessions before all of you can talk about things without getting awkward or hiding anything from one another.

  1. Ask Questions

Besides answering the questions from the therapist, you and your family members can also ask questions like how you can improve your relationships at home.

  1. Be As Honest As Possible

The key to successful family counselling is being honest about what you think and feel about the current situation.

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