Worried About Choosing The Right Upholstery? Here’s What You Should Consider!

Worried About Choosing The Right Upholstery Here’s What You Should Consider

Looking for the furniture upholstery but worried about what to choose? Well, it can be a bit challenging task as the fabric on your furniture defines the character and style of your rooms. Every upholstery offers different advantages which will help you decide how to choose the right one.

To help you make the right decision, we’ve put together a few tips which will allow you to save money and time.

Pick The Right Color

The most important tip before choosing the upholstery is to pick the right color. You’ll want to think of the mood you want in your space. Always keep in mind that the color of your upholstery fabric can have a significant impact on your room. Dark-colored upholstery fabrics can hide stains which could be beneficial if you have pets or kids in the house. Light-colored upholstery fabrics, on the other hand, can make a small place look spacious. Whatever color you choose for your upholstery, can have a greater impact on your overall interior.

Choose The Right Combination

If you are looking for a patterned upholstery fabric, you’ll want to know if it will match your furniture and entire décor. Small patterned upholstery looks great on smaller furniture whereas large patterned upholstery suits bigger pieces of furniture. You may also need to consider your furniture’s geometry. Does it have detailed carvings? Is it plush and rounded or straight? Tribal and floral prints look good on round-edge couches and striped prints look great on straight chairs.

Choosing A Quality Product

You cannot redo your upholstery often, therefore, make sure to choose a high-quality fabric that lasts for many years. If you have pets or kids in the house, opt for upholstery that is water-repellent and easy to clean such as vinyl and distressed leather. For high-traffic areas, upholstery should be durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear. Instead of natural fabric, it is advisable to go for engineered fabric as it is incredibly durable.

Always Pick The Right-sized Upholstery

You must need to measure your furniture accurately so that you can get the right-sized upholstery. However, when it comes to customized pieces of furniture, getting the right-sized upholstery can be a bit difficult task, especially when using printed upholstery fabrics. For patterned upholstery, make sure it is not cut at odd angles otherwise it can ruin the design symmetry.

Special Considerations

Apart from the above mentioned factors, you may also need to consider other factors as well including:

Fade Resistance

If you are going to place your furniture in a room that experiences direct sunlight, op for upholstery that is fade-resistant.

Mildew Resistance

If you live in a moist climate, the upholstery you choose needs to be mildew resistant.


Are you an allergic patient? If so, the upholstery you choose must be microfiber and lint-free so that it doesn’t harbor dirt and dust particles, protecting you and your family from allergies.

So, there you have it. Just a few of the many considerations you may need to focus on while choosing the upholstery. We hope you can now better choose the right upholstery for your furniture.